Friday, June 11, 2010

It's a dogs world.....and various other thoughts.

I am a bad pom mom...I dont brush dog teeth. After spending over a thousand dollars to get teeth cleaned, pulled ( some , not all ...they arent down to gumming their food yet ) anal glands expressed ( gladly pay for that little treat ) nails clipped and blood work for heartworm ( all negative...kinda seems redundant since we have them on heartworm preventative ) they are almost ready to travel to New Mexico.
Now what I have to do is start getting them used to crates. Since they will be doing a fair amount of traveling, both by plane and by car, its a good idea to introduce them before hand.

Other random things....
Have decided on the moving company ( Beakins ) and on a landscaper ( Pacheco's) but we are still waiting for the builder to let us know if he is going to trade our 1 acre property in Angel Fire that is undeveloped for finishing the man cave downstairs.
The man cave is a necessity since John's new TV is the size of a small car and I dont really want that in the main living room. If it is downstairs he can blast the surround sound and hopefully it wont rattle my teeth upstairs. What is the deal with men and ginormous TV's??? The screen is so big you can see nose hair and enlarged pores on people....ack.
The mini cooper still hasnt sold....and I still wish it wouldnt . We got a Ford Escape when we were back in the mainland and its ok. Mini Explorer ...sigh.

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