Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A man works from sun to sun but woman's work.....

...is never done. It is a recurring thought I have about "retirement" and what exactly that means. Because I dont get to...retire. I am pretty sure no matter what , that John is still going to expect meals and clean clothes. I am pretty sure he will expect those nice new toilets to get scrubbed ( no, they are not the self-cleaning models dang it!) And I imagine when the dust is thick enough to plant things in, he will expect me to get rid of it. So while he is busy building things or buzz cutting the trees or whatever else it is that men do when they retire to stay busy (and keep their wives from chasing them around the house with sharp knives or other implements of destruction), I will be doing what I have been doing since I was 18. Except now I am slower...and slower. And its more painful... squatting to clean behind the toilet has never been easy but now its torture and I cant help but wonder who looks back there anyway?? Well, aside from me, I mean.
So about that retirement thing......how does that work for women?

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