Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter is not about a rabbit

When did we lose the meaning of Easter? When did it become focused on a rabbit bearing chocolate eggs? Or new clothes? Or the big family dinner? Yes, I know historically the eggs do stand for something but even that is lost, isnt it?

For those who do not believe in the Resurrection of Christ, let us ponder for a moment, mathmatically, the probability of Him being the Messiah. If I want to send you a letter, no matter where in the world you are, I can do so (with a few exceptions). I need to know your name, your street address, your city, your state or provence, your country and its numerical code. With those 5 pieces of information I can find you. If you are living in the bush somewhere it may take longer and come by general delivery but you will eventually get the letter.

Jesus fulfilled 57 Old Testament prophesys. 57. Not 5. The circumstances of his birth, his lineage, his virginal mother, even the manner of his sacrificial death and resurrection. What are the chances of a mistake? Zero. To exactly match all the information given over hundreds of years and think there might have been a mistake is simply not rational. Jesus IS the Messiah. Period.

My heart goes back to Advent...when God incarnate lay swaddled in an animal feed box. How He humbled himself for us. Born to die for us, His life a gift we have never deserved. Love in measure we cannot even comprehend. Loving us even while we crucified Him.

And dont we still put Him there on that across daily? I do. With our failure to walk with Him, talk with Him, live the life He wants for us? Locking and blocking the summons of the Spirit when it calls so we can "control" our own lives. A thousand ways to NOT hear Him. For me its hardest to "be still" in the heart, mind and spirit.

I am awed and grateful for what He gave and continues to give.
Thank you Lord, for the gift of my salvation.
Blessed be God Forever.

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  1. Janna I am awed at your blog....Thanks for the time spent. You seem to have some real insights into the spirit of the Lord . What brought this about ?...God bless you dear sister...Miss you and John and Zack.