Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's Spring.....and then it's not : (

By yesterday all but the barest drabs of snow were gone and the temps were in the high 50's, low 60's. Sunny and beautiful. The mud was limited to the places where the snow drifts had been deepest and John got to take his new toy out to play. We got an ATV (used ) with shovel and winch. You can hear that sucker coming a longggg way away. That might be a good thing since it gives our fauna a chance to leave and quite frankly I dont want to meet an elk or bear who is seriously hungry on a vehicle that has no sides or top. Call me crazy. Today we woke to a sullen sky and snow. Wet, sloppy, drippy ( temps just over freezing ..35ish ) and melting almost immediately. Almost. Ok, not really. But melted enough for the poms to get muddy. The lilacs we planted in the fall seem to have survived. Tiny little barkish buds have appeared on the tips of all of them. Wonder of wonders...miracle of miracles ( dancing around the loft ) as I expected them all to die and they did not. We could not grow lilacs in Hawaii since we have no freeze time and they are probably my favorite of all flowers. Yay. Except for the continuing snow. It is pretty but I am so over it for the year....come on SPRING !!!

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