Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring fever...or not

This seasonal thing is new to me. Hawaii has no real seasons....unless you count hurricane season, June through November. I am not sure what spring fever is but if it includes washing windows and scrubbing walls, I know I dont have it.

It's not like I dont ever clean : I do. I would not, however, put a crawling baby down on my floors most days. There are muddy paw prints. There are dust bunnies and fur balls breeding under most of the furniture and they dont really make for a nutritous addition to the diet. (My Mom, God rest her sweet soul, used to say that a child needed to eat 7 lbs - give or take - of dirt to grow up "normal" and while my kids definately got their fair share while growing, precious little came off the floor. The jury is still out on the "normal" part).

That being said, I do keep the toilets scrubbed, dishes done, wash folded and clutter picked up. I just cant imagine being excited enough about tubs or toilets or wall washing (much less blogging how-to instructions on the subject) to call it a fever. Ever.

1 comment:

  1. Always thought "spring sneeze-or snooze" would be more appropriate! Things here are coated with a lovely coat of yellow pollen.

    Won't bother with any cleaning until the windows close and the air get put on, it's just a big waste of time!