Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring in the Southern Rockies

Spring is still trying to arrive. Buds are budding and birds that migrated are back ( and probably wish they weren't ) and the fauna is stirring. And night before last we had snow again. The snow that comes now is really a blessing...moisture in an area that is a fire waiting to happen. It melts quickly....of course not quickly enough that the poms dont still come in covered in mud...and the temp rises and "voila" its dust. Also, now that its spring, we have wind. I dont as a rule mind wind, having lived with the Trade Winds for 40+ years, but this wind carries a little ( very,very little ) gift.

Dust. Dust that is the consistancy of talcum powder, so thick it blankets the view of the mountains and shimmers inside the house like falling gold. Gold it aint. Its a pain in the .... Dust Monday morning and by the afternoon there is a layer on everything. Sigh. Like I ever did dusting with any enthusiam anyway??? Um no. Bigger sigh.

The fauna is now in the process of crossing every road they can find. Don't ask my why....but they all seem to want to cross the road and it is not proverbial. They get hit by cars. Its one thing to see ( as I did regularly in Hawaii ) a small bird get windshielded but a deer? And one hit repeatedly? Wow. All I can say is that here you best focus and pay attention while driving.

May I also just mention that allergy season is a bit different here ? Imagine, if you will, diving face first, eyes open, into a sand box while ants climb up your nose. Waking with eyes crusted in salt and a nose that wont stop running. And the sneezing doesnt stop either. I am pretty sure I like winter better.

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