Monday, April 25, 2011

My how things have changed

Last Saturday was the 39th anniversary of giving birth to Tessa. The oldest child and the one ( in years past ) who was the most challenging.

Her birth is not one I would recommend, although it no longer happens this way. Tessa was born at TMAC....Tripler Army Medical Center. In those days it was called "Crippler" and not Tripler and for good reason.

I waited until I had been in labor for 5 hours.....pre-eclampsia and all. By the time I got to the hospital I was 5 cm dialated and was put in a room with 3 other laboring women. All screaming, moaning and otherwise being loud. Fathers were allowed short ( 2-3 minutes) visits. Eventually all the other women left to deliver. And eventually so did I.

They strapped my arms down and my legs. They had ( eventually ) given me a "para-cervical block"...administered when I was 8 cm with an 8 inch long needle. Meaning I had no clue when to push....and this at the tender age of 18.

When Tessa was born she did not breathe. I worked one hand out of the restraints and was working on the other hand when she screamed. Thank God.

My mom was waiting outside delivery and was the first in the family to hold her...wrapped in an Army OD green blanket and wailing. Blonde ( read almost bald except in bright sunlight when you could see her hair ) and blue eyed and gorgeous. I was thrilled.

Still am, although I must admit I am happy none of the other kids were born at Army hospitals.
Thank you Lord for our oldest....she ROCKS!!!

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