Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It all depends on where you look

The back deck of this house is where the "view" is. The mountains and the village. Vale and hill and nothing there is blooming.

The sun ( or Son, depending where you are looking ) hits the front of this house where there is no view. Or is there.....

The Aspens from the back deck have no green....yet the ones in the front...barely 100 ft. from the back are solid green. Mind you, the green is just starting and its pale and fragile...but its there and the difference is startling. One side, that does not face the sun/Son has no visible life. Yet the other..has bloomed.

Isn't that the same with our own lives.....when we face away from the Son/sun....we do NOT bloom and even the slightest shift in our tragectory changes EVERYTHING???

Face Him...look to HIM to make your life bloom.
I am still mostly on the dark side , waiting and praying for His light. I know it is there....I stand in the shadows.

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