Friday, May 20, 2011

Stryker has arrived

It's not a great picture but this puppy has every reason in the world to be tired.

He missed his first flight because a human from the airline wasn't there to check him in, arrived 7 hours late in tornadoes, thunder, lightening, hail and rain in the Denver area, endured another hour drive back to Colorado Springs. We wouldn't have made it home till after midnight and the breeder definately did NOT recommend that after his punishing day! Yet he was still calm and had a sweet demeanor. I am pretty sure, had I been through all that, I would not have been so people friendly.

The last really young pups I had were poms and to say there is a difference would be understating it just a bit ( cough ). He is still such a baby, just a rather large, kinda clumsy - ok, honestly? seriously klutzy baby. If he shakes his head with a toy there is a good possibility he will fall over. He has rolled off his bed too many times to count....usually it doesnt even wake him up. Oh, and did I mention teeth ???? WOW. This baby has some serious chompers and cant at this point distinguish between toy and finger ( or really doesnt mind chewing fingers...after all he had 10 siblings to chew on till just two days ago ).

I have never in my life had a dog who so literally stuck to me like glue and this pup gives a whole new meaning to under foot. Also, when a pom runs into your leg, it kinda bounces off....when a rottie pup hits you its more of a thud. And to think he is an infant.....

We are working on house training - this means the minute he wakes up or whines I have to be on it - and his business is already bigger than the poms. I think I am definately going to need a bigger pooper-scooper in the very near future. I also am pretty sure there wont be much down time ( or sleep ) for the next few weeks as I need to start work on socializing him with others. He is already such a calm, mellow dog that he can be a real ambassador for the breed with the right training.

Yeehaw....let the games begin!!!


  1. He's such a cute little thing, and he's going to get soooo big. Love the name by the way....very cute- soccer fans in the family?

    It always amazes me how afraid people can be of this and other breeds because of the size they become.When the fact is when raised right they are wonderful pets. I grew up with German Shepards.

    My daughter and her family have 2 English Staffordshire terrier's ( with papers )better known as( pit bulls ) they are the dopiest most gentle dogs I have ever seen in my life regardless of their breeds terrible reputation.

  2. I completely agree about the size thing. I too was raised with shepards and they were amazing dogs. Our youngest kiddo, Zechariah, is a special needs kid ...not really a kid, he is 25...and he adores pits and is looking forward to getting one for his next birthday. He loves Cesar Milan and has read all his books and watches the show too.

    I have two sons in law who are Army and the Stryker is one of their newer vehicles. Quiet, powerful and fast. They both love the name. One of them, Joseph, deploys for Afganistan in two days. Prayers would be greatly appreciated..both for him and for our daughter.

    Wasn't a soccer fan till the last World Cup.We have friends in the Netherlands and I got totally hooked...great game!

  3. Happy to pray for Joseph, may God keep him safe during his deployment and comfort your daughter during his absence. I can't even imagine how difficult the coming months will be for you all-especially for the two of them.

    On a lighter note. I'll have to post pictures of my daughters pits on my blog one day. The male really should be used to breed, he is so beautiful.

  4. That would be awesome. I will share them with Zack : )
    Tessa is a pretty strong cookie...she handled Joe's first deployment to Iraq two years ago pretty well and has kept busy. She was volunteer of the year at Ft. Carson and plans to continue to put her time in there..praying for a paying job but doing good stuff till the Lord sees fit to change her situation.