Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day.....all due to great Fathers

It is so easy to take credit ( or blame ...depending ) for children...especially on Mother's Day. And really, isn't it basically a Hallmark holiday ? Not to say that as a mother, I dont appreciate the acknowledgement...however ( you should know by now that at least on this blog, however has huge implications).....

How in the world would I have ever survived 5 kids without their dad? No way.....I would be bouncing my head against a padded wall somewhere. Without such a great Dad, my kids would never have turned out as great as they have.

Yes, he was at work more hours than I care to count, and yes, he is often the one who says a resounding " NO" when asked for help. But after mumbling and muttering, he is the one who says yes, too.

God bless this man who allowed me to be a fairly decent mother.....I would never have made it without him.


  1. Hooray for the man who is a true partner- well said, he sounds like a fine man. What a lovely tribute!
    Happy Mothers Day from one mother of five to another.....

  2. thanks hunny for making me look good