Monday, May 2, 2011

Mixed feelings

I have to admit I have mixed feelings when it comes to Osama dying. Not any regret that he is dead....I have no mixed feelings about that.

I know as a Christian that killing, in and of itself, is wrong. I also know God Himself used human warriors to take out bad guys. Am I throwing a party and dancing in the streets? No. Am I relieved that someone who wanted to harm this country is taken out of the picture ? Yes, absolutely.

What shames me is my own reaction to the way we treated his body. When I heard we had "buried his body at sea, in accordance with Islamic tradition" what went through my mind is this : did we behead him, drag his naked body through the streets, burn his corpse and hang it from a bridge????? Isn't that what we have come to know as " Islamic tradition" ?

Is that who America is? No. Is that who I am? I wish I could honestly answer no. I may not be "better than that" but I am glad someone is.

I am not above the initial, animalistic response of blood lust and the wish for revenge even though I know it is wrong.

God help me.

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