Friday, October 8, 2010

Day trippin' to Santa Fe....

Yesterday, after FINALLY finding out what Melissa and Tom are having ( this was the 4th or 5th ultrasound and until Wednesday that little one had managed to conceal what everyone wanted to see) and its BOY!!! Proof is on her facebook question anymore.

So it was time for this grandmother to do a little shopping.....but the closest place is Santa Fe. Trusty GPS by my side, off I went. I do not understand why, when the easiest route to any given destination is the LAST way a GPS tells you to go. It is almost like the stupid thing takes a perverse pleasure in leading you in circles to get you where you are going. Once I got oriented ( yes, it does occasionally happen) I realized its a straight shot down one long street and a left turn and bang! you are there. And please do not try and tell me techie toys dont have attitude. I am pretty sure after having this little machine tell you for the 16th time that it is "recalculating" in its snotty voice, you would agree.

Got fun boy things and located, by accident, Borders, Target and the only Sam's club. No time for extra shopping but good to know where they are. I did enough damage at Ross and headed home. We have been having daily afternoon thunderstorms and I wanted to get home before it hit. Sure enough, as I came through the last pass into Taos all I could see were huge black clouds in the direction of Angel Fire. Made it almost all the way home before the storm hit and its wasnt rain, it was hail. Not the monster golfball size that hit south of here a few days ago...just little peas of ice that hit the window and slushed off.

This morning there was no bowl of clouds.....just a light, bright mist everywhere. Then lightening and thunder ( huh?) and frozen slush started sliding off the roof, past the windows. I checked out the neighbor's roof and there was indeed frozen something that the rain was washing away. I have no idea whether it was our first snow or hail that had stuck. What I do know is that winter is on the way....woohoo!!!

That was an hour there is a rainbow arched from one side of the valley to the other. I guess if you dont like the weather up here you can just wait a few minutes and it will change.

What an amazing planet we live on and what a blessing from an amazing God.

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