Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shockin' ma : )

Joseph, Tessa and Jessie came down for the 4 day holiday weekend and I expected to be doing the "taking care" that I usually do. Man was I in for a shock! As soon as they got here Tess told me to relax...she was going to do the cooking and the clean up. Seriously....how often do you get guests who tell you to do NOTHING???

Um never.

And true to her word I had to do nothing...talk about easy guests.

On Friday the fire crews came through our area and cut trees that were part of the "right of way" that extends onto our property. Lots of wood laying there and from what I had witnessed almost as soon as it hits the ground there are people up here with trucks and their own saws "bucking" the wood and driving off with it. I knew by the time John got back it would all be gone.

The next day Joseph broke out John's power saw and spent hours getting what was here bucked and had Tess and Jess helping him stack it. You would not believe how much they cut and how hard they worked. John was in shock when he saw it...he just kept saying " that's ALOT of wood".

Needless to say ma is in shock....and Dad is thrilled. What a great homecoming gift for him and what a blessing for us both.

That kind of visit I am up for anytime : )

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