Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mountain wreaths and rivers of gold

We woke up yesterday morning to skies of Oregonian gray....solid, from one side of the valley to the other. The leaves, instead of gentle wisps falling, turned into a storm of gilt, shimmering on their way to the ground, seeking the lowest paths and turning them into rivers of gold.

When the sky started to clear, only the mountain remained hidden.....wreathed in clouds with its summit peeking out. Whiter than the clouds, snow...the first of the season, blanketed it. There is a different "feel" to the air when snow comes. Even when the temp doesnt change, it has a different crispness to it.

Today those leaves are assuming the color of the earth....grayish brown and the gilt is gone. Changing back to the earth from which they came....the circle of their life. They will become nourishment for what comes in the out of death. As it should be. Hopefully when we go, as all things must, we too will leave something good behind for those who come after us...our love and our faith in Him. It is really all we have that is worth anything, isnt it?

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