Sunday, October 3, 2010

The weather is a bit different here.....

On Saturday when I went to mass ( one priest for 4 churchs so no Sunday services here in the village) it was 58 the time I got to the community center it had dropped to 54. Five minutes, max.

Some light rain and very distant donner und blitzen. By the time I got home it was in the 40's. Lightening and thunder closer and raining. All the dogs get nervous but Lady was terrified..she gets the shakes. So all of us sat in one chair and watched the Ducks cream Stanford. Go DUCKS : )

Along the bottom of the TV was a weather advisory for the areas just south of us for not only the above mentioned thunderstorm but also hail the size of golf balls. Having lived in Hawaii for so long and it being so small, there just isnt enough land mass necessary for the convection heat that gives you dramatic storms like this.

Then the storm actually hit the valley...not with hail but with thunder that echoed and reverberated from one side of the valley to the other and whipping rain. Wow.

Apparently I was not the only one impressed. It literally scared the crap out of Tonka. All over the bedroom. Have I mentioned that I have an excellent gag reflex? Oh man......that is just not the right reason to start the day on your knees.

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