Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Water, rocks and the path of least resistance....

The landscapers did a great job of creating a man made river rock water way along the side of the house to move rain and melting snow away from the base. This is good because it was causing damage to the support of the house. However ( yes, yet another however...) it ends at the bottom of the back deck stairs and flows toward the propane tank. So I think to myself " I'll just get a few more river rocks and divert the flow a bit more". Hahahaha.

Got the rocks a few days ago. Took me two days just to get them moved out of the buckets in the car onto the floor of the garage. Did I mention that rocks are REALLY heavy? Rocks are really heavy. Ended up carrying them in my cleaning buckets ( I now need new cleaning buckets as these will never, ever recover) through the house, stopping to change shoes in both directions since I had no intention of mopping up mud, down the back stairs and placing them where I thought they would best stop or redirect the water. I even dug up dirt and repositioned some gravel, thinking I knew what I was doing. After all , its not rocket science, right?

It started raining again a little while ago and I checked to see how the fruits of my labor were holding up. Water is pretty sneaky. It moved around the rocks although not to as great a degree as before. I guess what I need is a nice beaver family to dam the damn thing.

Not that I am giving up.....as soon as the thunder and lightening stops I will probably be out sloshing in the mud again with a few more stratigically placed boulders.

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  1. Ha - I used to do the same thing when I was a kid...except instead of rocks I used bricks, and instead of a mud and dirt I built my dam on concrete in front of the sewer drain. Also, I used the hose instead of waiting for it to rain. Used to play at that for hours. Bet the water bill was outragous :D