Friday, October 1, 2010

It's a long and winding Taos

Although I try and stay here in Angel Fire, there are things that you cannot buy here, for example piddle pads for the dogs. For the most part they do go outside ( or in the garage if the weather is problem) but Bikki has a weak bladder, no doubt because of her pregnancies ( like I don't know what happens when more than one kid sits for an entire pregnancy on your bladder, although to be fair I never had a litter) so she goes in the middle of the night. Can't blame her since I do the same thing except I dont need a pad on the floor...yet. The upshot being that the drive is necessary sometimes.

It is a 21 mile drive from here to there ...unless you are traveling from there to here, then the road sign says it's 24. Someone , somewhere got it wrong but either way its a 45 minute drive. With exceptions. It is not a straight shot as the crow flies but switch-backs where at times the speed limit is 20 mph. Unless you are a Texan. They are definately the exception. Give them a slice of road, on a turn, with oncoming traffic and they will pass you. You can see them coming and usually I just pull off the road if there is that possibility, and let them go. We are talking about a 2 lane road with no shoulder to pull off on. You basically have to have a driveway ( there are some...) to pull of onto or you just slow down and pray when they gas it.

That is the fun part. The not so fun part is the political and mental climate of Taos. Politically, when one sees how this state votes , one sees a democratic stronghold. Wrong. Reality is that Albuquerque and Santa Fe are dem, pro-illegal and not representative of the rest of the state. But Taos is where you see all the Obama is our savior bumper-sticker crap. Also one of the only places you see beggars ( yes, I do give them money ) and hippie/artist/losers. They make me want to throw up in my mouth. But its either shop at that Wally World or drive another 40+ miles and shop at another Wally World.

I got A LOT of piddle pads today.

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