Saturday, October 16, 2010

A patchwork quilt, stitched by God

We have seen the aspens here when the first blush of color appeared on dead looking branches. The tiniest specks of color in a world bleached returning.

When we returned in May they were in full bloom, vibrant startling lime green, every branch shimmering.

Now , in fall the valley is stitched with color....amber and butterscotch and a few rare crimson scattered among them. The ground is covered in coins of gold...flung down to carpet the earth in splendor.

The valley, from this distance is a patchwork of color. The dark green of the pines and the wild excitement of the aspens. It truly is a living quilt, pieced by God Himself. Who else could create, out of the dying of a season, such amazing beauty.

Isn't that how we are too....our youth, brilliant, blazing....the middle, still colorful and beautiful but on the path to the end. And the winter of our lives when it seems death is there, hiding beneath the gray, brittle exterior...if we are safe in the arms of our Lord...there is life.

What a blessing to be here surrounded by such a gift, not only of grace but of beauty.

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