Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A band of gold

This is what I saw last evening and it struck me in more than one way.....first that it was a band of gold...and usually this is connected to marriage: the band one wears to connect us to another. But it also struck me as the connection we have, through Christ Jesus, from heaven to earth. It was surreal....and very real. How blessed we are to have both a love on this earth, to whom we can promise ourselves and how blessed we are to have a love, not from this earth who has promised Himself to us.


  1. Wow! You weren't lying - that view is amazing!!!

    (Good job on figuring out your camera, btw.)

  2. Janna, thanks so much for including us as you send this out...Your blog shows that you are both a very good photographer and a very good writer. When one can write in such a way that the reader feels like they are there, then that is a good writer indeed.

    Dave & Betty Lou