Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter is definately here...

It's not like I didn't realize it before now, its just that there hasn't been prolonged super frigid weather like this. Two nights ago, or so the news said, it was -22 degrees. Even the dogs are less than thrilled with it. I don't understand how the birds survive ( they are well fed though: I make sure of that). But "bone-chilling" takes on a whole new meaning...a real thing not just an expression of speech.

Even though I am still pouring hot water down the drain in the bathroom ( I do love my shower....more than I thought!) the house finally seems secure. The new front door makes me feel so much safer, even if I can't see out the speak-easy window. It is solid...a small thing in the grand scheme but huge to me. There is no longer ice an inch thick on the inside of both french doors and the heat in the house, for the most part, is working well. Yayyyyy for being warm : )

It doesn't matter really, these small inconviences. They are petty when one considers the wonder and beauty of what He has created, that sits outside my windows. A blessing I am grateful for every day.


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