Thursday, January 13, 2011

Too old fashioned for new toys...dangit

I was so excited about my new toys....a new way to vac/sweep and a new way to mop. Wow, exciting huh? Seriously, when you have been doing things the exact same way for 30+ years, new IS exciting!

I tried the Swifer sweeper/vac and apparently 4 poms are too much for it to handle. I used it on a small part of the floor, immediately filled up the dirt cup, overwhelmed the filter with dog hair and small unidentifible objects and trashed the cloth that swiffs. Sigh. OK, back to the broom , followed by the vacuum.

At least, I thought, steaming the floors will get them a cleaner clean than ever before in the past ( I'm thinking as I write this that maybe I watch too many commercials....). The cleaning pads get nasty and you have to wait to change them unless you want parboiled hands.....and I am not particularly patient. Bigger sigh. I steamed for all I was worth and then got the mop out. And yes, the water was filthy, meaning steamed or not, the dirt was still there.

I am not giving up on the new toys just yet....after all the house still bore the imprint (read detritus here) of the 20 family members who came for the holidays and it might have been too much to ask of these new fangled things.

I am pretty sure I didnt vacuum up any small children but it probably would be a good idea to do a head count if you visited here recently. Will be mailing out packages to each family with various socks, books, toys and hair clips. If I find money, I am keeping it.

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