Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Exciting times

Once all the family arrived safely, and thank goodness not before, the temp dropped....and continued dropping till we hit -16...lower with the wind chill factor. The shower froze and has remained frozen despite Joe's repeated attempts to thaw it with boiling water. The heat in the condo didnt work....the washer broke while full of nasty towels.....the new propane grill, bought especially for New Year's steak, didnt work. As before, the heat in the master bath is non-existant and the floor in there cold enough to ice skate on. Then there was illness....Jonah and Tia, Tessa and Joshua. Fevers and chills...vomiting and vertigo.

Sounds like this should have been a horrible time but amazingly enough, it wasnt. We are all stretched thin and exhausted but it was still wonderful. The littles got to see snow and lots of it. The crazy men got to snowboard and ski and learned fresh powder is hard work. The women cooked and cleaned but there were so many willing hands that it made the work go fast.

Yes, the house is trashed and the laundry overflowing. And I dont care. It was worth it. Next year we repeat but this time Christmas will be here and I will be prepared. Knowing what needs to be done will ( praying now) make the next go-round better.

Family is flying out to around the country and I hope their memories are good, even with the challenges. God bless them each and every one.

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  1. This was a much-needed, thoroughly delightful and very appreciated trip! Love you mom and dad!!