Thursday, January 27, 2011

In full retreat

I have given it my best shot as far as staying in the master bedroom with John gone. And its not the bedroom itself that presents a problem...its what I shall now refer to as the Ice Palace (IP) aka, the bathroom. This has been an issue since our permanent move in August but I have no patience left and I am tired of literally freezing my okole off.

Although the shower has not frozen again, the temp in the IP is almost a constant 66 degrees, not a good thing in the middle of the night unless one thinks frosty buns are fun ( I am tempted to say cool but the bad pun is too close to reality to be amusing).

So last night I moved a warm bathroom AND a warm bedroom. Oh the joys of the simple things. All the dogs except Tonka ( not the brightest of them...he is a few fries short of a Happy Meal ) adjusted well. I had to shut the door to the master bedroom to keep him out and figured I would do an experiment with the temp in the IP, shutting its door as well. This morning the temp in there was 54 degrees...colder by far than the garage, which has no heat at all. If the garage had a shower.....ok, maybe not.

I think until the heat problem is fixed I will just stay upstairs

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