Monday, January 24, 2011

How to thaw when its below freezing

Just when you need it most, He gives you another gift....undeserved like all the rest. My heart and soul have been revived by a book that came the day my spirit froze. One Thousand Gifts...A Dare To Live Fully Right Where You Are, by Ann Voskamp. Talk about perfect timing...and isn't His timing always perfect? She is a farmer's wife, mother of six, suprisingly normal and amazingly gifted. Showing how to find joy in the simple things; giving thanks when it doesnt seem possible. Read the book. I finished it and will start it again...a short book in numbered pages...deep as the sea in meaning.

But the weather here is still -12 and I decided to warm the house and warm the body so that all, heart, soul and the physical body would be in sync.

Fire is good...building one will warm you in ways you do not expect. Begin by carrying in 300 lbs of wood ( about 6 big pieces ). Make sure flue is open ( I catch on real quick and only left it closed once ), stack logs in the wrong order, meaning put the big one that will not light on the bottom and the small ones on top. Seriously, I do know better than this and wasnt really thinking about anything but a roaring fire. Cough.
Light gas flame starter and wait. And wait. Move logs around with tongs. This puts out what small flames have managed to catch. Re-light with gas. Wait. Move logs around again, again putting out flames, re-light and wait. Add more wood ( why not at this point??) Wait. Blow on tiny flames until you have hyperventilated. Wait. Yeehaw, fire has started. Go outside to cool off. Try and remember why you wanted a fire in the first place.

Would love to write more but I need to go get more wood, which like snow is heavy but with the added bonus of splinters and spiders. Hot diggety....I'm a country girl. Uh....not.

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