Tuesday, November 8, 2011

38 and counting.....

It doesn't exactly seem like yesterday....but it doesn't seem like 38 years married to the same amazing man, either. So much has changed ( I certainly don't have the body much less the mind I had back in the day!! ) but so much remains the same. I love John more than I thought it possible to love and he still has the ability to tick me off more than anyone else.

For our anniversary we went to Phoenix...hoping to see my Dad and our friends, Mike and Sheila. Dad was at the NMMI homecoming and Mike and Sheila were in Kansas. What struck me about Phoenix ( aside from the killer heat...seriously, why would anyone who is sane live in that kind of heat!???! And I do not care that it is a "dry heat " : it is a precursor to hell. Hot is hot is hot, period. Ack.) was the shopping possibilities. Every block has every store ever known to man or woman. Over kill ? Yes, and while I do admit to missing some variety to the good ole' Valley Market, our one and only store aside from those meant for the tourists, I could not wait to get home. Phoenix is a nice place to visit ( did I mention HOT, HOT, HOT???)but I am so blessed to live where I do. After 40 odd years in a place touted to be paradise, which it definately is not, I have found mine and it is here in the mountains.

My Dad arranged for us to visit the most famous and oldest steakhouse, The Stockyard. We got to sit in the booth made famous by John Wayne and it was an amazing dinner. Dad suggested we try the "calf fries" but I had a bad feeling those fries are the same as mountain oysters. Bingo!! No thank you very much. I will try just about anything when it comes to food but bull balls are NOT on that list. I would rather starve. Fortunately there were better options on that list...and the beef was amazing. Have I mentioned that I am very glad we are not vegetarians??

Thanks Dad, for a great evening and a much appreciated gift certificate !!

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  1. Janna,
    Many blessing to you and John on your anniversary. It sounds like your celebration was special and memorable. I wouldn't have eaten those fry thingies either *yuck*

    I was so happy to log on and see your post today I missed you, it's been a while.

    As you can see I've closed down "Its all about Jen" and started over on a whole new blog. (didn't want you to think I was some wacky stranger!!

    Again congrat to you both!
    Visit the new blog if you get a chance, I couldn't bring my followers with me when I switched.