Thursday, November 10, 2011

Freaking out about November

I am thrilled and terrified about the coming Christmas season. Although I have gotten over the " eeeekkkkk everyone is coming here and the house is not perfect" stage, there is still much that concerns me. And no, the house is not going to be perfect so that is not it. The head count so far is 31...give or take a few. There will be many cooks and at least three ovens and stoves so the food shouldn't be a problem...maybe, depending on who brings what, who does NOT bring what and what we will need to provide.

I have no idea what to get for gifts since most of the family will be traveling elsewhere after Christmas and any and all goodies need to be small and/or easily packable. John has said that the airline tickets are the "gift" but try telling that to a small child. Ummm no, that will NOT cut it. So the hunt is on...wish me luck on that front.

Will there be enough blankets, coats, gloves, and boots? Will there be altitude sickness ( there usually is ) and how many over the counter meds will I need for ages varying from almost 1 yr to ancient ( us ) ? Do I have enough tissues, toilet paper and should I buy diapers? Who will be sleeping where ? Will there be enough cars to get everyone everywhere, whenever they need to go?

Then there is the dog issue. The poms are not a problem since they are yappy but small. Thud is a different story. He has done "meet and greet" but it has been awhile and small kidlets will definately get knocked over ( with joy in his heart, not a mean bone in his body ) and maybe sat upon. He doesnt know he is a "big dog" since he is still a puppy and I worry that he will do I going to end up sleeping with him in the garage? He does not do well when left to his own devices ( empty garbage cans, chew contents and other fun activities ) so leaving him out of the festivities is not an option.

Usually I do all the worrying prior to any event and in this John and I differ. He does not waste time like this but I figure if I do all the worrying and wondering in advance I might just get things worked out before they happen.

Pray for me.....I am losing it and it is still over a month away!!

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