Thursday, November 17, 2011

Did I mention the car.....

Alrighty then.....

In the last exciting installment baby Rottie, aka Thud, and I had an adventure walking and it was not much fun ( at least for me ). Cracked ankle and all , I drove myself to Taos and got it x-rayed and splinted. Fine so far, sorta. I am pretty sure I was in some kind of shock but I managed to get home or at least to the driveway in one piece.

I have been backing down this drive, in all weather, for over a year and up until 11-11-11 I did fine...meaning I hit nothing and did no damage. The drive was pure ice and this too I had dealt with in the past. However, comma, ( yes, you know what is coming ) when I backed down this time I slewed sideways, hit the "planter" area, which is bounded by old railroad ties and popped the side thingy off the car in the front. Out came all this baby blue liquid, which I was sure was anti-freeze fluid and which all the dogs were immediately interested in licking. In addition to the pain of trying to hobble on crutches ( which by the by made the ankle worse and not better ) I was hysterical thinking I would have to explain to John why we had 4 dead dogs...have I mentioned I have an over active imagination? If not, let me just say now "worse case scenario" is my forte.

To my immense relief ( and with my undying gratitude ) our friend Tom showed up and checked under the hanging thingy and it was the windshield wiper fluid and not the anti-freeze ( dead or dying dogs ) and he snapped it mostly back into place then duct-taped it up to make sure the tire would not hit it, should I decide to drive again. I have seen cars duct-taped together and thought " ghetto!!" but just let me say now, never again will I make a snap judgement about this sort of auto repair. May God forgive me for being so judgmental...but doesnt He always have ways to make us understand how wrong this is?

I continue to learn and grow and it most certainly is not always easy. Here is my ghetto car...which still runs and did not poison my dogs.

Thank you Lord for your continued protection and your lessons in both humility and knowledge.

( I did not know Stryker was in the photo when I took it but you tell me, doesnt he look guilty?)


  1. Glad you and the dogs are OK.

    And I love the bit of pink tape over the blue it gives the car a little something something.

  2. Seems like the New Mexico adventure is just that,,,an adventure...Beautiful country, snow or no snow...

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to both of you....It is cold and wet here in Indiana but we have the whole family and that provides the warmth. Enjoy your blogs.....