Sunday, November 13, 2011

Interesting times....

Friday afternoon, after being asked by John if I had walked Stryker, and after having said no.....tooo slick from the snow turning into slush, into ice....I decided to do just that....thinking "poor dog, he needs this". I have been lax regarding exercise since the snows started, his not mine since I think it is an exercise in futility regarding myself, but still..... so off we go.

The walk up the road was fine...he is learning heel and sit and stay well. However, comma.....when he is headed home, he knows it and wants to get there faster than when he was leaving. No problem...he is a good boy!!! So I decided to give him his head and let him dash a bit, also ok, but my left ankle decided it was not. Twist, turn and a bit of a crack. Funny how you can feel a bone breaking from inside your body, isn't it ?

Hoping and praying it was not a break, I did the RICE thing ( rest, ice, compression and elevation ) . Hurt so bad I could not eat anything for dinner, tried to sleep with the ace bandage and an ice pack--only a cold, wet sheet and no pain relief resulted, and decided to hit the Taos ER first thing in the AM on Saturday.

Praying nothing was broken I did find the Taos hospital but could not find the ER. Oh joy. Walked through the entire place and finally found it, whereupon the check in lady had me stand for at least 15 minutes at her window trying to fill in the most simple of forms ( funny how the easy stuff isnt so easy when you are in pain and alone).

Good thing is , when the nurse finally did take me back to the exam room, it was fast , friendly and really efficient.

The ankle is fractured, dont know what will happen when I see a follow up Orthopedic doc on Wednesday and have no idea how I am supposed to shop for the turkey and fixin's for Thanksgiving which is expected of me.

Please pray for me.

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