Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Baby it's COLD outside

Yesterday we got the 4th snow storm of the season ( it is still fall, right??). Probably 10 inches. This winter we are better prepared to deal with the white stuff because we have an ATV with a little shovel on the front. John is back in Hawaii so I had the dubious pleasure of doing the driveway, not all by myself since all 4 dogs were there with me. I am pretty sure if they could laugh, they would have. This was only my second time driving the ATV and I am not a pro, to say the least. It has a wonky gas lever and "smooth" is not the word to describe my driving. I did manage to get most of the snow shoved up to the road and cleared a path up the driveway....not 20 minutes later the Village snow plow shoved most of the snow right back into the drive.


Fortunately I had no need to leave the shoveling experience a day is more than enough, thank you very much!! Still...since it costs $60 every time someone else has to shovel it, I guess today will be another attempt. Shovel ready job? I got one right here!!

Also had my first fall of the season ( last year there were 4 ) but it was cushioned by all the fluffy white. I guess for an old broad, I still bounce pretty well.

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  1. There is never old for women, only wiser... u go girl. Put a supercharger on that shovel and make it sing while u work =)