Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank you to our Veterans

I am grateful and blessed to have been born in this country. So blessed to live where there are men and women willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of our collective freedoms.

Since the birth of this country there have always been those who believed she was worth protecting and fighting for. So many who have gone to battle for us never returned home....many buried in lands far away....some never recovered.

My Mom used to quote Milton, who said " they also serve who only sit and wait " with regards to the families of those serving in the military. She knew whereof she spoke. For two years while my Dad served in Viet Nam she waited and waited and waited. She did not "only sit" and I would posit that none who have a deployed service member do. My son in law Joseph, home now on leave from Afganistan, is married to our eldest and sitting is something she cannot do. The sacrifice of family is something civilians will never truly understand nor really appreciate. Those of us who do know the true cost of freedom.

To not only those who serve or have served, to their mothers and fathers, wives and children, brothers and sisters, my heartfelt thanks. May God bless those of you who have loved this land throughout the ages, in every branch of service, and have served her with honor.


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